Dipl. C. G. Jung Institute Küsnacht, Switzerland

Dr. Art Funkhouser

I'm a Jungian psychotherapist and (since 1981) offer counselling, therapy and dream work in Berne.

My Services

  • Counselling

    Guidance is offered in marital difficulties, school problems, decisions and other life challenges.

  • Therapy

    I accompany those who come as they seek to work on their inner conflicts and heal their soul wounds.

  • Dream Work

    Rather than interpreting them, I work with the dreamer to uncover the message(s) dreams bring.


Reasons you might wish to have a session

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Troubling or puzzling dreams
  • A need to find a new direction and purpose
  • A wish to find deeper meaning and fulfillment
  • Depression, anxiety and/or fears
  • A need to have someone to talk to


I'm a member of the following professional associations:


Telephone: 031 331 66 00
Email: atf (at) alum.mit.edu

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